Moving Basics 101

by Ann on February 14, 2013

In addition to organizing services, we also offer relocation services for those moving from place to place.  We know that moving can be stressful, so with that in mind, we’d like offer you some tips we’ve learned over the years when it comes to packing up and moving out:

Lesson 1: Leave it to the Professionals

If you can, hire movers.  You may think this adds extra expense, but take our word for it.  Movers are quick, they know what they’re doing, and they’re insured.

Lesson 2:  Edit before you Pack

Take a look at your new space.  Will everything fit? Do you need to donate or sell anything?  You’re better off deciding what cannot go before the move.

Lesson 3:  Label Everything

Take a sharpie and some post-its and get busy.  Label every box on all sides so once it’s moved to your new place, it will be easy to sort.  Also, if you have movers or friends helping you with the unpack, place labels outside each room so you won’t get asked personally where each box should go.

File and Store

by Ann Sullivan's Blog on January 1, 2012

In addition to the Schoolfolio and the Expandable Plastic Folders we’ve suggested in the past, check out this filing system:

file toteTranslucent Cascading Letter File Tote

Get the kids off to the right start by teaching them organizational skills early.  Make a folder for each child and periodically sort through it.  At the end of the year, all you’ll have to do is label the year, fold it up, and store it.


Daylight Savings- Fall Back!

by Ann on November 5, 2011

It’s that time of year!  Daylight Savings is tonight, turn your clocks back an hour and get an extra hour in bed. I am sure you deserve it.

Wardrobe Transitions

by Ann on September 15, 2011

Leaves are changing and we couldn’t be happier.  With the temperatures falling,  it’s time to box up any remaining summer wear and pull out the long sleeves and sweaters.

Every time there is a change of season, it’s the perfect opportunity to do a quick check of your wardrobe.  As you are pulling out spring and summer clothes, ask yourself the following questions:

1.  Does this still fit?

2.  Does this still suit my lifestyle?

If you answered “no” to either of those, it’s a good indicator that maybe that particular item of clothing can be donated or given away to a friend.  Likewise, when storing your summer clothes, check to see if anything is too worn to last another year- this can get tossed.  Remember, prior to storing clothes, they need to be cleaned.

This does not have to feel like a chore- it can be fun!  Whether you choose to take control of your closet by using services like our Shop Your Closet program, or you ask your best friend to play wardrobe consultant as you decide what needs to stay and what needs to go, make it a fashionable event!

News Flash

by Katy on June 30, 2011

Katy’s news:
Sadly, I will be leaving Ann’s team this month. My husband was “given an offer he couldn’t refuse”, and we are leaving the city for the mountains of New Hampshire. I’m so excited to see what adventures are in store, but I am truly sad that I won’t be a daily member of Ann’s team anymore.


Ann’s news:
It’s the 2-year anniversary of our blog, and Katy and I have loved doing it. We hope you’ve learned, been inspired, and enjoyed hearing about what we are up to, tricks of the trade, and products we love.

I thought with Katy leaving and it being 2 years of the same format that it was the perfect time to change things up a bit. One change will be that I will be helping un-clutter your inbox by blogging only once a week (less is more, right?). I will be expanding my blog-vision and sharing more stories and thoughts about the impact getting organized has had on our client’s lives and can have on yours as well.

I want you to think beyond your filing system and closet hangers. I want to challenge you to think about what and why you accumulate, if and how your things are serving you, and what you want your life to look like. Organizing  is about much more than color-coding and filing; it’s about reducing stress and allowing you to focus your time and energy on the things and people that matter most to you.

Organizing is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. Topics such as our carbon footprint and collective consumption are in my thoughts. I would love to hear from you, loyal readers, about what interests you and to get your feedback on my ramblings as i move forward. I am excited for this next chapter, and hope you will be on board.



Summer Vacation Planning

by Ann on June 27, 2011

Going to the beach?  Headed to the mountains?  The city?  Disney World? Wherever your summer vacation might take you, we want you to have the tips you need for effective packing and road travel.  Check out previous posts that are full of tips, products and fun travel ideas.  We want the journey to be as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy your destination!


Summer Camp Must Do’s

by Ann on June 20, 2011

If your child is headed to camp this summer, we want you to have all the tools you need to send them off with success!  We have some links to great products and tips, so please feel free to check them out!


The Container Store also has a great summer camp checklist that you can download to make sure you’ve got everything set for your child.  We especially love the camp-themed stationery, but don’t forget to also send stamps!


Out of School Projects for Kids

by Ann on June 13, 2011

While summer vacation is great for the kids, many times, they have a little too much down time on their hands.  If you are in the market for a creative project, or just want to get your kids away from the computer and TV for a while, don’t forget about some of our “go green” initiatives that the kids can be involved in.  Take some inspiration from our previous blog post and enlist your children with some projects that are fun and earth-friendly!


Other fun projects for kids:

Enlist their help in cleaning out and storing their artwork from the previous school year.  After deciding what to keep, send remaining artwork off to give to worthy causes like Color a Smile, who sends cheerful artwork to nursing homes, children’s hospitals and meals on wheels programs.


Do something for someone else. Plan a day with Habitat for Humanity, who has projects for kids starting at age 5.


End of School Reminders

by Ann on June 6, 2011

Before you hit the pool or beach, take a few minutes and check your child’s final “paperwork” that they will bring home.  Between the report cards, final art projects and end-of-the-year forms, decide what to keep and file, what to toss, and what to store, repurpose or giveaway.  With that final project done, you can enjoy the summer vacation and start the new school year off with a clean slate.


Move Services that Rock!

by Ann on June 1, 2011

In April, I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers Conference in San Diego. There, I had the good fortune to meet Dave Blair, the owner of My Move Options, at the expo showcasing new organizing and move management products and services. Quickly I determined that Dave’s company fills a void in the moving industry; their niche market, small interstate moves has been neglected for much too long. The timing was perfect: I was looking to have several pieces of furniture moved from NYC to family in Michigan. Dave and I immediately agreed that using their company for my move would be a perfect opportunity to experience their services firsthand to determine if they would meet the high standards I have for vendors that I use for and recommend to clients and colleagues across the country.

They passed with flying colors.
With a MOM (Move Options Manager) always available to assist, they handled all the details needed to get the job done, and done well. They were professional, trustworthy, and reasonably priced: the trifecta for movers. I think they are a great resource for smaller moves, where using a big company can be outrageously expensive. Speaking of cost, knowing my possessions were in trusted hands brought me peace of mind, which is priceless.

Find out more about Dave’s company at