What They’re Saying:

Business Owners & Executives

“With the help of Ann Sullivan, our offices went from stacks of overflowing boxes to organized work stations designed for maximum productivity and function. Our work space now has the design and savvy that matches the product we create.”
– Stacy Ciaravella, Zink Magazine

“Ann Sullivan created a filing system for my business that thinks the way I do. Now I can find any document within a matter of seconds.”
– Katherine Crowley, business owner

“My desk has gone from a source of immense frustration and anxiety to a place conducive to productivity, and even better, I have a plan to extend that wonderful situation to the rest of my office! You’ve really made such a difference in my work life, and helped to ensure a work-life balance that is much healthier in the process.”
-C. Shugrue dos Santos, Deputy Director Sanctuary for Families

“Ann Sullivan’s insights, methods, and attention to detail created flawless systems that have contributed to cost and time savings.”
– Alec Gershberg, World Bank

“Ann is a dancing encyclopedia of resources and services; I can really count on her recommendations and good judgment. I refer all my friends and colleagues to Ann Sullivan, Inc., – and they are as delighted with her work as I am! She has made a significant contribution to my business, Out of The Blue Films, Inc., and to the reduction of chaos in my personal and professional life.”
– Barbara Rick, documentary filmmaker and business owner

“Hiring Ann Sullivan, Inc., is the best investment I have ever made.”
– V. Garten, bond trader

Residential Clients

“I am happy to touch base with you and let you know that it is now one year since I worked with your firm and I can truly say that I still tell my husband that it is the gift that keeps on giving. It was a life altering experience for me. Managing a home with three kids can be overwhelming when you don’t have good systems in place. People may think that your services are a one time quick fix. But they are not. Your commitment to the bigger picture of putting into place systems that evolve with our changing needs is invaluable! One year later, my home looks beautiful, organized and peaceful. I believe that it actually enabled me to be a better parent and role model to my children because of some of the unintended consequences such as teaching them how to keep track of their belongings and even their homework as everything has a proper storage place. It also enabled them to feel good about participating in keeping our home organized because they know where things belong. I could go on and on!!!! Thank you for improving the quality of our lives and completely removing the stress of disorder!!! You are the best!!!”
– Stacey Satovsky

“As the mother of three children and business owner I decided it was time to get my life in order–at work and at home. Ann helped me to make the most of our limited home space. She helped us create systems that really work! In the office, she helped me to make decisions as to what was really needed. Getting rid of all the “clutter” truly allows me to focus my time and energy on my family and clients. Hiring Ann was one of the best investments I have ever made! “
– Eva Wisnik, President of Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc.

“Thanks for being the first woman to successfully change my life.”
– Howie Singer, bachelor and producer NY Knicks

My papers were everywhere: on my desk, filings cabinets, and shelves, and in my closets and storage bins. Cheryl and I worked smoothly as a team and the order we created helped me feel calmer and more energized. After my papers were organized, I found I had more time in my day.
– M. Talal

“Thanks to Ann Sullivan, Inc., my apartment finally makes sense. Where once there was chaos, now there is space to navigate. Ann and her crew helped organize my living space, and my life, with creative solutions and a detailed knowledge of the latest innovations and products that help provide comfort and efficiency.”
– Bill Brink, deputy sports editor New York Times

“My husband and I live in a challenging Manhattan townhouse that has minimal closets and storage space. Ann helped us clear out the clutter and figure out what type of storage, specifically, we needed. With the solutions that she implemented we were able to find a place for everything, and, amazingly, we even moved out of our storage space. This saves us nearly $100 each month and makes our lives more convenient.”
– Lisa Servon, Dean, The New School

Move Management

“We moved into a much larger space with the complexities of an on-site construction team, design team, time-lines and our belongings being moved from multiple locations. All happening while we were out of the country! Ann Sullivan and her team represented us on the job site with great professionalism and attention to detail. Working side-by-side with different vendors, her team oversaw the move while providing recommendations and resolutions when needed. When we arrived home, everything was in place and we knew where everything was. From a continent away, we knew we were in good hands.”
– Mimi Oka and Jun Makihara

“Were it not for Ann Sullivan, I would still be in an undersized, overstuffed upper East Side apartment—still overpaying, still under organized. And my boutique literary agency—at least the offices thereof—would still be giving me department-store sized headaches. My solution was a real-live house with room for a spacious office—and Ann Sullivan, who’d come highly recommended by a consultant who specializes in the travails of the small business owner. Experienced in moves, Ann recommended movers whose work she knew, and movers who wanted to keep her clients happy. As I was relocating both my residence and an outside office, she was priceless in that I could trust her to handle the final part of the office move, so I could go ahead and beat the movers to the house. Fellow literary agents used to ask my advice on conducting auctions, or pick my brain for the names of editors just right for their projects. Now, however, that has changed: now, they ask me for Ann Sullivan’s phone number.”
– Eileen Fallon, Literary Agent

“Due to a major renovation, I needed to move out of my NYC apartment. With all the time I spend traveling for work, not to mention the endless hours spent in the office when I am not traveling, it would have been impossible for me to coordinate the move and oversee the renovation. So, I hired Ann Sullivan. It would have been a nightmare for most: there were so many intricacies, hidden details, and unforeseen obstacles – but Ann and her team rose to the occasion – solving problems with grace and efficiency. I sing her praises to this day.”
– Roxanne Taylor, business executive

Senior Move Management

“For my move, Ann laid out a timely plan to handle and manage an unweilding, unedited collection of assorted memorabilia, all sorts of documents and photos, personal and business related records, and household possessions spanning over 100 years: four generations in four different families. She furnished one of her fabulous associates to help in sorting, editing, purging and/or packing… and throughout this entire process, Ann’s guiding hand was always present. Hundreds of boxes and dozens of crates later, she turned what would have been an unbearably stressful event in my life into a very manageable journey.”
– Joanne Slater

“I highly recommend Ann Sullivan, Inc. as an experienced and helpful Senior Move Management company based on a move they managed for me in 2008. When my husband and I moved from our 12-room apartment on Fifth Avenue to a 5-room apartment, the task seemed insurmountable. Her team worked at both apartments to make the move truly manageable. The services they provided ranged from editing our possessions and distributing or disposing of items that were not going to our new home to assisting with space planning at the new apartment and unpacking and putting away every single item. Consequently, the minute we walked in, we felt we were home. I want to give special credit to Cheryl Murray because she really did the lion’s share of the work and she is a charming, lovely person, easy to work with.”
– Pam Estes